Pre-Construction Work Underway

In early February the SFC Project began pre‐construction activities with tree felling in the Hoquarton and Hall Slough areas west of Highway 101. The SFC project will remove about 8 miles of old levees and dredged material that currently block flood flows to Tillamook Bay. Trees that are growing on top of these levees are being felled before bird nesting begins. The felled trees are being left on‐site until the construction contractor starts major construction work later this spring. Construction work involves the removal of levees and the construction of tidal dikes in order to provide better conveyance of recurrent floodwaters within the Highway 101 Business Corridor. Construction work will last throughout summer 2016; and there will be some followup work in summer 2017.

In addition to mitigating recurrent floodwaters, the SFC Project also provides for wetland
restoration and fish habitat improvement. The SFC Project is the result of many years of public agency and private citizen collaboration.

If you have any questions related to the SFC Project, please contact Paul Levesque, Tillamook County SFC Co‐Project Manager at 503‐842‐1809.